About the WikiHyperGlossary

You have entered the development site for the second generation wikihyperglossary (WHG) service that is being developed for the Chemical Education Digital Library ( ChemEd DL ) of the National STEM Education Distributed Learning ( NSDL ) program. This service contains multiple glossaries and by using the "Submit URL" or "Submit Text" tabs on the left you can link the text of a webpage or digital text document to the database content of a glossary of your choice. Any word in the document that is a term of the glossary will be returned green and linked to the glossary. Your document is returned immediately and after the green terms flash yellow the program has finished processing the page and the links will be active. These links not only provide textual definitions but also access to a variety of cheminformatic and multimedia resources. This program not only allows you to connect documents to glossaries, but also to create and edit glossaries.


Create an information literacy tool for chemical education that links multimedia and textual content to digital documents and web pages.

  Project Team

Robert E. Belford, Daniel Berleant, John W. Moore, Jon L. Holmes, Michael A. Bauer, and Roger A. Hall